Hey everyone, we’re really glad you’ve come across our site and you’re showing interest to our band. We’re called Better Than Grey and we’re a pop/punk band from Sofia, Bulgaria. We were established in the beginning of 2010  by our vocal Justin Case, Eddie (Bass) and FranX (Guitar) after our previous band split up. We searched for new members for few months and found Fiorelo (Guitar) and Steve (Drums). With this line up we recorded our debut album “No Way Back” in Italy in June 2011. Afterwards in September Steve went to study drums in Netherlands for four years, so we had to find another drummer. Few months later MonX came along and so this is our current lineup.

We signed a contract with the record label “Antstreet Records” and the debut album is expected early in the winter of 2011. We are working hard on making great shows, creating even more songs and most of all on promoting our ‘soon to be out’ debut album. So far in our career we’ve performed on many concerts and festivals both in our homeland and abroad. Places like Greece, Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.