New Cover ! Pink and Nate Ruess – Just Give Me A Reason!

This is our cover version of this amazing piece of music by P!nk and Nate Ruess called “Just give me reason”. This time we had the pleasure of working with Polina Petrova as both vocals and double bass player.

We would also like to give an amazing and huge and special thanks to our friends Pepo ‘Casper’ And Bebo ‘Goofy’ for shooting this video!

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The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy – Our Acoustic Cover

Hey everyone.

We just released this video on YouTube. We’re hoping you’d like it. We’ve always been huge Fall Out Boy fans and now we’ve made this cute little cover version of their newest song – The Phoenix!



Indie Band Guru Review


Review On Scandalous Women

If someone would like to see the women point of view regarding our music visit: :)


Featured on HellHound Music Home Page + Interview!

Hey everyone. We’ve are currently the featured artists on ! They also made an interview with us which can be found here: !!!

Somewhere Around (Acoustic Version)

We’re as proud as it gets to annouce our new music video! It’s an acoustic version of “Somewhere Around” from our debut album No Way Back.

Hope You Like IT!

I am Official Video Out

We’re as proud as it gets to annouce our new official music video! This is what $150 and a good idea can make:

Hope You Like IT!

Better Than Grey на гости на “Така го правят жените” по ББТ

За всички, които толкова искаха да ни гледат по ББТ, но просто нямаха как :) )



Eurovision 2012

Подкрепете ни на полу финалите на Евровизия 2012, на 14ти Януари от 20:30 по БНТ!

New Video!

We’re really happy to announce the release of our first official music video!
Here it is: